The Charente Islands

Charming stopover off the coast

At the gates of La Rochelle, 3 islands, 3 atmospheres. The nearest, the Ile de Ré, accessible by the bridge (free for pedestrians and cyclists), is bathed by the clear and warm waters of the Gulf Stream. With its white sandy beaches, white houses, hollyhocks and mimosas, its salt marshes and typical villages, its vineyards and its forests of maritime pines and holm oaks, the Ile de Ré has more than one attraction to seduce day-trippers and holidaymakers. The eastern part of the island is cultivated: early fruit and vegetables, vines and the famous grenailles potatoes.

One hour from La Rochelle, the Ile d'Oléron is accessible by the free bridge, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the largest island of the archipelago with its 30 km length and 6 km width. Beaches, oyster basins, marshes, state forests, dunes, cliffs... so many different places on the same territory. The ocean is a great playground for many water sports. The island has an eastern coastline, gentle and suitable for family bathing and a wild coastline, more exposed to the wind and waves, ideal for surfing.

Accessible only by sea (maritime links from the Old Port of La Rochelle), the Ile d'Aix is surrounded by fortifications and offers small white houses bordered by hollyhocks. Beaches, wild creeks, undergrowth and vineyards punctuate the landscape, which can be explored on foot or by bike, or even by horse-drawn carriage. The customs path allows you to make a complete tour of the island. From the pier, you can see Fort Boyard. Built to guard the mouth of the Charente and protect the Rochefort arsenal, this enormous stone vessel has become the setting for the television game show Fort Boyard. To take advantage of this mythical stone ship, which has become the most famous fort in the world, numerous inter-island cruises are organised, notably from the Vieux Port of La Rochelle: a sea trip with a commented tour of Fort Boyard, a stopover on the island of Aix with a tour of the fort... and above all, an aperitif cruise allowing you to admire the sunset over Fort Boyard. Unforgettable moments that your photos will immortalise.

The aquarium

Marvel at the famous La Rochelle Aquarium, easily accessible from our hotel.
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The Towers of La Rochelle

Discover the history of La Rochelle's towers and the richness of the city's heritage.

Museums and the old town

Stroll through the old town of La Rochelle and its narrow streets to visit the city's various museums.