Hotel Saint Nicolas - La Rochelle Centre

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Come and enjoy the gentle life of La Rochelle 

Treat yourself, treat others, it doesn't matter: La Rochelle is enough in itself to entice you to come and stay here, between land and sea. For a foretaste of summer, enjoy a stay that combines comfort and discovery by bike!

What could be better than cycling to La Rochelle?

Pedal through the streets of our maritime city, dare to escape on two wheels to the city's beaches, to the Ile de Ré, and all this from our hotel in La Rochelle. Nothing could be more natural for a city dedicated to cycling, and for Cosy Hôtels, which offers you a cycling holiday that will make you want to go further*.

Set course for the Fêtes Maritimes!

From 20 to 23 June, the first ever Fêtes Maritimes de La Rochelle will be inviting residents and visitors to our historic city to celebrate the ocean!
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Charge your electric vehicle for free!

Because the use of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly important and is a step in the right direction towards preserving our environment, our hotel has installed two Greenspot charging points.
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Let's work together to protect our beautiful ocean

Because preserving our planet is everyone's business, Cosy Hôtels has joined forces with the Echo Mer and Surfrider Foundation Europe associations to work together to protect the ocean.
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Romantic seaside getaway

Lovers are irresistible to each other. Our "Romantic Escapade" offer is dedicated to all couples staying with us from 9 to 18 February.

Come and listen to the songs of La Sirène

We come here to listen to music, we often go with friends, always for those convivial moments that make life more beautiful.
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Parties everywhere and for everyone

Scheduled to run throughout December, the end-of-year festivities are set to be another great opportunity for sharing, conviviality and eco-responsibility in La Rochelle.

The "new" Museum awaits you

Eager to discover the new look of the Natural History Museum, nine Cosy Hotels employees had the privilege of visiting one of La Rochelle's most emblematic cultural venues on 9 November.
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The pleasures of the table on your holiday menu

A chef from an illustrious family of restaurateurs in La Rochelle, Grégory Coutanceau welcomes lovers of good food and wine to his cookery school.
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New era for Le Saint-Nicolas Hotel

Revamped from the reception to the rooms, but still nestled in the heart of La Rochelle's "trendy" district, the Saint-Nicolas Hôtel still offers its historical cachet, but now offers a sober, elegant decoration in soft colours. Its reopening on April 8th will be an opportunity to enjoy this new setting with a very cosy atmosphere.

The museums of La Rochelle, a part of the history of our maritime city

The La Rochelle Museum, the New World Museum, the Maritime Museum: all these places of culture and discovery are part of La Rochelle's heritage, as is the historic heart of our true "museum city".

La Rochelle, a cycling city where life is good

It "invented" the self-service bicycle, was the first to propose pedestrian streets and the Car Free Day: a forerunner in all these ecological actions, La Rochelle continues to favour the quality of life. And it's doing well...