‘Jazz entre les 2 Tours’ music festival


From 2nd - 5th October, La Rochelle’s very own musicjazz festival Jazz entre les 2 Tours will once again offer enthusiasts the opportunity to come and enjoy the tunes of Jacky Terrasson and other virtuoso musicians. Make sure you reserve soon if you’replanning a stay at our La Rochelle hotel!

In La Rochelle, for more than twenty years,the music festival Jazz entre les 2 Tours, whose patron was the late Didier Lockwood, has put together programmes of artists whose great talent and notoriety are unquestionable! So, once again, from Wednesday 2nd until Saturday 5th October, our local music venues, Salle Bernard Giraudeau, La Sirène and Michel Crépeau Médiathèque, will sway to the virtuosity of Brazilian guitarist Romulo Gonçalves, the incredible blues sounds of American guitarist Mike Wheeler and the exhilarating jazz notes of renowned French pianist Jacky Terrasson. On Saturday, the final evening, ‘L’Odyssée’,  a concert by Fred Pallem & Le Sacre du Typanwill be the highlight of this festival whose aim has always been to provide pure music pleasure for its audiences. An electic, exceptional and energetic event… not to be missed if you’re in town!

For more information and reservations:www.jazzentrelesdeuxtours.fr

Two sports, one name… Stade Rochelais


As a sporting city, par excellence, La Rochelle is well known in the rugby world. With the arrival of basketball to the Stade Rochelais family, it has become a multisport club of which Cosy Hotels is a proud partner.

As semi-finalists in last season’s Top14 French Rugby League, Stade Rochelais has continued to prove that it is now a worthy member of the French Rugbyelite. You only have to see the excitement generated by a match of the Yellow and Black jerseys at the Deflandre Stadium, which is often sold out, to understand the club’sincreasing dominance. In 2018, the local basketball club Rupella, the former name for the city of La Rochelle, became part of the ‘Stade’ family. With a strong professional team climbing up National Division 3, this local sports institution, founded in 1932, has joined forces with La Rochelle’s other flagship team to become one. On par with these two legends, it’s now the turn of our female basketball team, known as Les Squales,to also proudly wear the Yellow and Black kit. Through this new union, the values of solidarity, self-sacrifice and commitment,characteristics not only of sport but also our maritime city, will be raised to even higher levels. Our La Rochelle hotels are proud to have been by their side for many years.

Echo-Mer leads the way!


For the last 20 years, Echo-Mer, the La Rochelle association for the protection of the environment and more particularly the oceans, has carried out various initiatives to raise awareness about how to preserve our planet. Their eco-citizen tours are part of this. If you can, sign up for the next one!

Recycling used materials (boat sails, cork stoppers, oyster bags etc.) and transforming them into bags, clothes and other accessories, awareness workshops for schools, pontoon-user initiatives - so many actions and schemes carried out in La Rochelle since 2001 by the association Echo-Mer to improve the world in which we live. For those who are interested in environmental issues, the association also organises eco-citizen tours around the pleasure port of our maritime city. Lasting around one and a half hours, the aim is to present the history of the city’s port and to study various different themes such as the impact of our lifestyle (rubbish, waste water etc.) on the pollution of the ports. After taking stock of the issues at hand, the future of our maritime living space is considered, with an ecological focus – ecological boat building, new materials, the creation of ecological rest areas for certain species etc.

The next eco-citizen tour will take place on Friday 4th  October at 6.00pm. So, if you are staying in our La Rochelle hotel on this date, why not sign up nowto join one?

For information and reservations:Tel. 06 62 00 44 85echomer@wanadoo.fr