Bubbles and Stars


Come and celebrate Valentine's Day in our La Rochelle hotel and nowhere else!

For this special occasion, enjoy a romantic room, Champagne and the eternal beauty of our charming city, so appealing in any season. Share the experience with passion... and without moderation.

Come and enjoy a romantic stay in La Rochelle. Experience this wonderful winter light which is already announcing the arrival of spring. Take pleasure in the laid-back atmosphere, and set off on foot, or by bike, through the historic districts of the city. Stop off at the covered market and enjoy the seafood, before heading back towards the water where the Atlantic beckons. From the beach of La Concurrence to the beach of Chef de Baie, the shoreline offers you a panoramic view towards the emblematic Fort Boyard, and the islands of Ile d’Aix and Ile de Ré. Return to the city and to the district of Saint Nicolas. Here, in the heart of this former fishermen's quarter, it’s time for a romantic dinner! It’s Valentine's Day... the day for lovers. Just the two of you... gazing into one another’s eyes. Back in the comfort of our La Rochelle hotel, you will enjoy the sweet taste of Champagne, especially selected by Cosy Hotels. In your room, macaroons and roses will remind you that this evening is yours... and that tomorrow could be another day for celebration. It’s all about two hearts beating as one!

Take advantage of our Valentine's Day ‘Bubbles and Stars’ offer, valid from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th February. Included: a night in one of our rooms or suites, with a romantic set-up (macaroons, flowers), half a bottle of prestige rosé Champagne ‘Amour de Deutz’ and a buffet breakfast.

The Secrets of the Mysterious Island


You only have to cross a bridge to go from the La Rochelle to Ile de Ré but you would have to travel some 13,500 kilometres to set foot on Easter Island. However, located just a few steps from our hotel in La Rochelle, the city’s Natural History Museum is currently offering you the opportunity to discover a little more about this mysterious isolated piece of land.

Its true name being Rapa Nui, Easter Island seems to have been cultivating its secrets since the start of time. Lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island begs the question... Who were its first inhabitants? What do these great phantasmagorical stone sculptures represent? What is this strange writing carved onto tablets? How did this forest-covered island become inhospitable moorland? Through the exhibition entitled ‘Easter Island, navel of the world?’ which has been labelled as an ‘Exhibition of National Interest’ by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, part of the veil has been lifted off this island which has fascinated and fed the imagination of men since it was first discovered. So, if you are staying in our hotel in La Rochelle, between now and September, head for La Rochelle’s Natural History Museum to learn more about the culture, inhabitants and biodiversity of this ‘mysterious island’.

For further information www.museum.larochelle.fr

The Town Hall reopens


As the beating heart of our maritime city since the 13th century, La Rochelle's Town Hall almost succumbed to the flames of a spectacular fire back in 2013. Now fully restored, this historic building, so dear to the people of La Rochelle, can be visited once again. Take advantage of this opportunity if you staying in our hotel in La Rochelle for a weekend.

It took three years of work and the talent of Philippe Villeneuve, Chief Architect of Historical Monuments, who is also responsible for the difficult task of rebuilding Notre Dame de Paris, to see the Town Hall of La Rochelle, the oldest still in operation, rise from the ashes. At the beginning of December, three days of festivities and thousands of spectators celebrated the reopening of this venerable ‘House of the People’. La Rochelle locals, and visitors to the city alike, were able to discover the specialist works carried out by seasoned craftsmen over many months. Aside from the architectural marvel of the surprisingly modern Council Chambers, the curious were able to view the Function Hall, and several historic rooms that have all been restored to their former splendour. If you wish to admire this architectural jewel, take advantage of your stay in La Rochelle to go and visit it for free.

Visits are available at the weekend and on Wednesdays only.

Visits are free but subject to reservation. For further information www.larochelle.fr

Objective zero carbon


With the project ‘La Rochelle Region Zero Carbon’, our city wants everyone, whether businesses, residents or visitors, to participate to ensure that La Rochelle becomes the first French ‘zero carbon’ urban coastal zone by 2040. Naturally, our hotels in La Rochelle intend being important actors in this initiative.

With its success in last year's national call for projects entitled ‘Regions of Innovation’, the City of La Rochelle will be able to strengthen its initiative in terms of sustainable development, which it originally initiated a long time ago. Whilst efforts will continue in the areas of soft mobility, the energy-efficient renovation of housing and the circular economy, everyone living in, or passing through, La Rochelle needs to show a willingness to reduce their ecological footprint. Choosing modes of transport with the lowest possible carbon emissions (buses, bicycles etc.), buying local products and reducing packaging, reducing energy consumption and using digital technology responsibly are all ways of participating in the collective effort to make La Rochelle a model for the preservation of our planet. The initiatives undertaken by Cosy Hôtels are certainly moving in the right direction.

For further information www.larochellezerocarbone.fr

Rendezvous at the Coursive


The Coursive is for dancing, for singing, for music, for drama, for magic and even for circus acts!This Scène Nationale (major theatre), where so many different live performances can be enjoyed, is La Rochelle’s cultural centre and is located just a stone’s throw away from our hotel.  Why not take a look at their programme of events!


From a Quebec circus to the Choir of Radio France, from Cuba Libre to South Korea... the programme of events at La Rochelle’s theatre takes visitors to the four cardinal points of the cultural world. Throughout the month of January, the Coursive will be ‘home’ to artists of the highest calibre, including the circadian company Eloize, which is celebrating its 25thanniversary, the exceptional Cuban national dance troupe, a virtuoso string quartet from Seoul, the brilliant Canadian singer-songwriter Fred Pellerin and the internationally-renowned French musician Thomas de Pourquery.

Located in a listed heritage building at the beginning of Rue Saint-Jean-du-Pérot, a street that is lively in both summer and winter, for some 30 years, since it was elevated to the rank of Scène Nationale,the Coursive has been offering remarkable, quality shows that set the tempo for La Rochelle’s cultural life throughout the seasons. With aneclectic range of events on offer (the 2019-2020 season includes 73 shows), the programmein the Coursive’s two auditoriums is rivalled only by the diversity of films that are also screened there. So, go on over to the Coursive to make your stay in our La Rochelle hotel even more perfect!

Full programme of events and reservations at www.la-coursive.com

La Rochelle... even more beautiful in 2020!


As the emblematic 'postcard' image of our maritime city, the Historic Port of La Rochelle will continue its beautification this year, and other projects in the pipeline will also ensure that the city is made ever more attractive.

Throughout this year, the heart of our maritime city will undergo various improvement worksmaking La Rochelle more beautiful, more modern, more functional. The Historic Port, for example, will continue to see its appearance evolve quay by quay. At the beginning of 2020, it is the turn of le Quai Duperré, opposite the two historic towers, which is designated for pedestrians and bicycles and will undergo a complete makeover, both above and below ground.

Around the bay at Port-Neuf as at the four cardinal points of the city,the cycle path network will continue its expansion, enabling both locals and visitors alike to cycle around our maritime city in a more enjoyable fashion. Furthermore, to better welcome our visitors, the area around the mainline station, located a stone’s throw away from our hotel in La Rochelle, will also be subject to improvement works that should be completed in the next few months. Until then... we wish you a happy and healthy New Year, with plenty of memorable stays in La Rochelle!

Long live Reading Night


On Saturday 18th January, the 4th edition of Reading Night will take place everywhere in France. In La Rochelle itself, very close to our La Rochelle hotel, the Maritime Museum will be transformed into a meeting place for authors and readers. 


For its fourth edition, Reading Night will once again focus on promoting books and the pleasures of reading. So, on Saturday 18th January 2020, libraries, bookstores, media libraries and other cultural places will keep their doors open later than usual to offer book lovers a little something else. Initiated by the Ministry of Culture, this 'literary awareness' campaign will come to life at the heart of the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle.

For the occasion, the museum, which includes the largest floating display of historic boats in France, will be transformed into a library. From the reading of 'saucy' texts written in the 17thcentury by a public figure from La Rochelle, to lectures on the Bout du Monde lighthouse, to theatrical performances of the playLes Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons), this date in January is sure to be rich in the discovery, or rediscovery, of talents from yesterday and today. Come along and experience something special... and long live Reading Night!

Lamiae, working alongside Julien


Not so long ago we introduced Julien, the Housekeeping Manager of our hotel in La Rochelle... now it’s the turn of his assistant, Lamiae, who tells us what she really enjoys about her daily life in Housekeeping.


"Back in 2014, Istarted working at the Hôtel Saint Nicolas through the cleaning company that still operates there today. Then, in 2015, I was given the opportunity to permanently join the Housekeeping team here. Over time, I had a first promotion then a second one to becomeAssistant Head Housekeeper, and today, I am also responsible for the upkeep of the Maison Saint-Nicolas, which hosts seminars and receptions all year round. Even though computer science, which I studied back in my home country of Morocco, did not turn out to be my destiny, I love my job, which requires rigour, attention to detail and a strong ability to motivate a team. From the morning’s work, which includes drawing up the team’s work schedule, managing the linen, overseeing the cleaning and supervising the rooms, to the cleaning of all the common spaces in the afternoon, Julien, my manager, and I don’t really have the time to get bored! In high season, the busy time after the lunch period, when guests arrive to check into their rooms, adds to the intensity of our day’s work. Fortunately, the hotel's 3 main departments work together in perfect harmony and there is real mutual support between us and the Group's two other hotels in La Rochelle.”