Hotel Saint Nicolas: La Rochelle’s perfect place to stay?

A stone mansion in Southwestern France charms travellers with a modern touch. The oceanside charm of a port city meets cosmopolitan style for the travellers who venture to La Rochelle where to stay for sailing and culinary adventures.

Where to stay in La Rochelle for colourful coastal charm

La Rochelle is a city with charming beaches in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, France. In their leisure time, people flock to La Rochelle where to stay for sights such as the great tower, a lighthouse, the many cathedrals and gardens in addition to the main event - the old port and it’s sailing. Pleasure tourists spend hours tasting renowned seafood and spirits before journeying along the cobbled streets.  In any weather it seems a visit to Hotel Saint Nicolas seems filled with light. Architecture seems ruled by windows.

The city is similarly an ideal draw for business travellers who want activities that are off the beaten path and conjure genuine fresh thinking. With unique business amenities a stay in La Rochelle gives true meaning to the term ‘work retreat’. Where to stay for small business groups in La Rochelle ? The city has everything from sailing and classic car rentals, cooking and theatre workshops, and the ever popular escape room challenge.  For large crowds, La Rochelle has an auditorium, aquarium and hosting along the harbour.

La Rochelle- where to stay  ? In a 3-star hotel in the heart of the city

After a whirlwind tour, guests journey Hotel Saint Nicolas, part of the cosy hotels group, situated in two mansions that marry modern joie de vivre with the warmth of a stone cottage. This 3-star hotel features 86 serene rooms with options ranging from single beds to duplex suites provides respite from the days’ events. In shared spaces, guests are spoiled for choice with views overlooking naturally manicured gardens, a streetside bistro, and an indoor dining room bathed in light and greenery.

The refreshing quality of travelers and locals is a true match for the oceanside setting. While the hotel offers accommodations for guests of all seasons, mature business travellers and romantics will especially enjoy La Rochelle- a place to stay. In the day, seminar rooms filled with snacks and notepads make for workplace camaraderie. At night the warm wooden accents of the furnishings take on a subtly more intimate tone. Fine wines and champagne flow as easily as the finely trained hospitality staff. In all seasons, people at work or play will never be without something to do. Hotel Saint Nicolas is sure to please the travel aficionado and new seekers of the best in travel in La Rochelle