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Hotel Saint-Nicolas

The imagination of Christmas

In La Rochelle, the end-of-year festivities feature illuminations. As organ points, artistic installations offer aestheticism and imagination to all eyes.

Since December 10, La Rochelle has been dressed up to celebrate Christmas and this year 2021, which will soon give way to the next. Thus, in the hyper-centre as in the other neighborhoods of Rochelais, artistic installations will put light on buildings and places-symbols of our maritime city. Thus, for a month and every evening, between 5:30 pm and 1:00 am, eight luminous paintings signed by the artist and director Mister Bloom offer magical and phantasmagoric shows to Rochelais and visitors of our city.

At the crossroads of all these sites «repainted» with the colors of Christmas, Rochelais monuments such as the City Hall, the Saint-Nicolas Towers, the Chain and the Lantern, the Tower of the Big Clock or the hall of the central market shine with thousand lights. The shopping streets are not to be outdone, which also dress up with illuminations to remind that December will always remain the time of festivities and gifts. At the heart of this spotlight, the maritime city will be animated until New Year’s Day by artistic musical strolls, but also by an ephemeral interactive track game, geocaching, which will allow you to discover or rediscover the little secrets of Rochelaise architecture in a fun way.

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