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Hotel Saint-Nicolas

From reception to management

After joining the Hotel Saint-Nicolas as head of reception, the young but experienced

This autumn, Stephanie Charmetant was entrusted with the management of the 3-star Cosy Hotels. An exemplary development perfectly illustrating the virtues of internal mobility specific to our independent hotel group. 

Stéphanie, what was your professional background before taking up your duties at the Saint-Nicolas hotel?

After a Bachelor Tourism obtained at the Sup de Co school in La Rochelle, I let myself be tempted by a Master2 «hotel management» that I obtained at a school in Angers. Following my internship at the end of my studies, I joined as Operations Support and Revenue Manager the headquarters of ValueState Hotels, franchisee of the Accor group. To follow, I moved to La Rochelle in 2016 for personal reasons, but also to find a job at a hotel in the region.

In 2017, you were hired as a Reception Leader at the Saint-Nicolas Hotel, an establishment you have not left since…

As the daughter of managers of a hotel-restaurant-bar in Loiret where customer service is a priority, I first appreciated finding the value of this quality in the DNA of Cosy Hotels. In addition, the team spirit that reigns in each of the 3 hotels of the group really makes you want to get more involved in the missions that are entrusted to you, as well as the listening of the managers to all their employees. The hotel itself, its historical aspect and the identity of the heart of the city where it is located, all this constitutes another source of motivation to invest in it over time. In the same vein, the renovation of the Saint-Nicolas Hotel recently shows the willingness of our decision-makers to stay in the era of time by offering a modern and even more attractive accommodation and hospitality offer.

What do you think you owe your promotion to as hotel manager?

In the first place, I had acquired experience in the field of management, management and the commercial aspect by holding a position here as deputy director. Then, the Cosy Hotels group offers the advantage of being a fan of internal mobility. In fact, the director of the Best Western Premier Masqhotel as well as the director of the B and B La Rochelle Centre have had similar developments in their respective institutions. The prospects for changes in function are all the wider since it is also possible to be recruited in the other two hotels of the group.


What are the qualifications for your new position?

Beyond the concept of customer service mentioned above, having a sense of detail and the requirement of quality seem to me essential to carry out my work. In the same way, versatility must be of value, between the management of the teams, the management of the human and that of the establishment itself. Knowing how to send the right messages to your employees in order to offer a personalized welcome and know how to welcome all the types of customers we receive must also be part of the right manager. Having a good commercial approach by knowing how to boast the advantages of a stay at the Saint-Nicolas hotel is another quality to highlight.


What would you say to those who are considering spending a stay at the hotel this autumn?

First, La Rochelle lives more calmly after the great summer attendance. And then, the very cozy side of the new layout of the reception area, with our emblematic canopy even better highlighted, wins to be lived in autumn. Our breakfast offer also adapts to this season, with its nut cakes, carrot cakes, chestnut cream or quince pasta. The discovery of our renovated rooms, for example during a romantic trip, is an additional reason to come here to spend a serene and gourmet weekend to start autumn well…


Please note that the Hotel Saint-Nicolas will close its doors on Wednesday 2 November to finalize the work of beautifying its rooms. Reopening scheduled for early February 2023, with about forty rooms available.

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From reception to management
The «Saint Nicolas» or the charm of authenticity


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